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SEO tips for blogger

September 12, 2016

First visit this link how to create  a Blog on Blogger:

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SEO tips for blogger:
1) Optimize Blog post titles  You must be knowing that writing catchy and compelling blog post titles is very important but you have to also keep in your mind that you have to also make your title SEO optimized to get good rankings in search results So try to include your main keywords in your blog post titles especially put them at beginning because keywords at beginning has more weight age in terms of SEO as compared to keywords appearing at the end of post titles
2) Keywords in Content – Don’t forget to use keywords throughout your content to get better rankings, literally I have tried this earlier I was not using my targeted keywords in my articles as beginner but when I started using then the game was different and I was getting good rankings So try to use keywords at beginning, end and sprinkle it few time in between your content
3) SEO Optimize Images – Many beginner bloggers think that images are only used for making blog posts look attractive and to get traffic from Pinterest by sharing your images but do you know you can also make your images SEO friendly by putting Keywords in alt tags and you cannot ignore this trick because images are searched in Google for heck lot of time and if your images are well SEO optimized then you can get good amount of visitors to your blog
4) SEO Friendly URL – Try to keep your blog post URL SEO friendly and short and according to Google the best technique is to keep it under 4 words and one more tip is try avoiding using stop words in your URL because search engines ignore these SEO stop words
5) Heading Tags – Make proper use of heading tags like H1, H2 etc to make your article more SEO friendly Don’t use H1 more than once
6) Custom Permalinks – Don’t settle with default permalink structure with is not SEO friendly as we have the option to use custom permalinks no matter you are using blogger or WordPress CMS as also in previous point keep it short and concise
7) Keywords In Domain Name – Well there has been lots of gossips around this thing whether it’s good to have branded domain name or domain name with keywords but if you can include your main keyword in your domain name then you have slight advantage as Google can identify what your blog is all about So you can get good rankings
8) Format Important Words – You must have seen some big blogs usually either make important words and phrases either blog or italics well this also contribute in your SEO efforts to achieve better rankings
9) Keyword Research – Before writing any blog post try to send some time in keyword research to get keywords ideas to use in your blog posts and Google keyword planner is free tool which can show few important traffic statics for that particular keyword also try to target keywords with low competition with high search volume which can give you more traffic and good search engine rankings
10) Anchor text –  This is one of the most important SEO tip whenever you link to any of your older blog post use proper anchor text to link don’t link with unrelated word phrase which is not have any impact from SEO point of view like for eg if you are linking to blog post about Blogging tips for Beginners and you are using ‘ how to build backlinks for bloggers’ keyword phrase to link than I will not boost your ranking in any way
11) Meta Description Tags – Meta tags are very important as it tells the search engines what your web page is all about and you can give the meta description to your post or pages which will also shows up in the search results and So make sure to write meta tags which gives an idea about what your blog post is all about
12) Interlinking  – Make sure that you are interlinking your relevant blog posts and pages together and this will pass the link juice to other pages which might be not performing or ranking high in search results and by interlinking new posts or pages with old post and pages help to boost the rankings and this is the most powerful SEO optimization technique which you must do on regular basis
13) Word Count – The longer articles tends to get good rankings in search engines as compared to short articles So try to write useful, long and quality content and make sure that your write minimum of 500 words articles more than this will be much better so don’t be hurry to publish your blog posts in stead take some time do little research about the topic and when you have enough information about that topic then surely you are going to easily cross that 500 words mark
14 ) Rich Media Content – Rich media content means that your articles are having images and relevant videos which enhances your user experience to get more details about the post ans as you know that image speak thousand words So you must use at least 1 image in your blog post
Also whenever possible you can use relevant videos and this will greatly reduce your bounce rate and will definitely increase the time your visitors will be on your site
15) OutBound Links – Having said that internal linking is good for SEO but outbound links are also very important and it’s tells Google that you are more concerned to give users the best possible information So don’t hesitate to link big authority sites in your niche but if you are not sure about the authority of linking site then you can also make the outbound links as no follow but if it’s very high quality website then you have do follow links
16) Broken Links – Make sure that when you interlink your blog posts and pages the URL which you are linking are not broken as this will show 404 error pages to your blog readers and Google does not like this So before linking to any blog posts or pages check the URL is correct or not
17) Bullets and Numbers – Make sure to use bullets and numbered lists to highlight important points in your articles and this will greatly improve your visitors blog reading experience So whenever you are writing any list posts or checklist ensure that you use bullets and numbered list
18) Anchor Tags – This is one of the most important SEO tip whenever you link to any of your older blog post use proper anchor text to link don’t link with unrelated word phrase which is not have any impact from SEO point of view like for eg if you are linking to blog post about Blogging tips for Beginners and you are using ‘ how to build backlinks for bloggers’ keyword phrase to link than I will not boost your ranking in any way

SEO Stop Words List  To Avoid In URL
To Enhance SEO of your blog posts URLs you have to give less importance to stop words, Google gives less importance to stop words in terms of SEO and search engine rankings especially for urls Now if you will ask what are stop words and what does it mean then let me explain you stop words are some commonly used words like and, that, if, the, this etc don’t worry I will provide you with complete list of stop words in SEO at end of this post

Stop Words List For SEO: Complete List

Avoiding using Stop words also in your titles and make it consize because google consider a maximum length of 70 characters for seo friendly titles while rest will be chopped off so if you are using more of these stop words in your titles than it might happen google might miss your keyword and might get chopped off and your keyword density will fall down because of stop words usage in post titles

Remember good seo friendly blog post URL are also very important for search engine optimization so try to reduce usage of stop words in seo for your blog post URLs but if you will ask me question whether the same rule applies to blog post content as well then no without using proper punctuation the content will not look good better way to write quality content is to avoid using same words again and again in content instead you can use similar alternatives of that words
Lets say that stop words like “are, is, the, if, or etc are frequently used in blog post contents if we omit usage of such words in content area then some sentences or phrases will be meaningless so it not good idea to completely remove stop words for your content but try to use minimal amount of them where it is required the most
How important is to avoid using stop words in url’s of blog posts for better SEO? Then let me answer you by giving an example which will make it more clear to understand
Lets say you are writing blog post url like
Now just take the above URL for example  the url is so big neither google will like it now it looks seo friendly and even your readers might find it annoying so instead for having such non friendly url a good example will be to avoid some stop words and make it more meaningful to google search bots
So to refrain the above example  Now doesn’t it looks good, concise and seo friendly URL and google loves short and descriptive url and titles of blog posts will keywords in them
Download Stop Word List – Here is the complete list of Stop word for SEO you can cave it
So the next time to do blog post try to avoid the usage of stop words in your Post URLfor better SEO and search engine ranking and better seo for your blog post If you like the post please share and if you want to ask me something you can ask me in comment section and i will be quick to response

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