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About cost-per-thousand viewable impressions bidding(CPM & vCPM bidding)

November 04, 2016

Cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM)

CPM bidding means that you pay based on the number of impressions (times your ads are shown) that you receive on the Google Display Network.
You'll use viewable CPM bidding to make sure you only pay when your ads are able to be seen. Existing CPM bids will be converted to vCPM automatically, but it's best to update your bids since viewable impressions are potentially more valuable.

About cost-per-thousand viewable impressions bidding:

Many advertisers hope viewers will click their ad -- but that's not always the main goal. Maybe you just want a lot of people to see your ad. In that case, bidding by cost-per-thousand viewable impressions (vCPM) is a good way to go. With vCPM bidding, you bid for your ad based on how often it appears in a viewable position on the Google Display Network. You set the max amount you want to pay for viewable ads, whether they're clicked or not.

Why use vCPM bidding

Some people prefer vCPM bidding because they want to be able to set a maximum amount they'll pay for each time their ad can be seen, or each viewable impression, instead of for each click.
vCPM bidding is unavailable for the "Search Network only" campaign types.


If your main goal is online sales or visits to your website, then cost-per-click (CPC) bidding may be a better option for you.

A quick comparison of vCPM and CPC bidding

We'll get into a few more details below, but here are some of the basics:
 Viewable CPM biddingCPC bidding
Consider using this if:You care more about your ads being viewed than about clicks generatedYou care more about clicks
Bid:Maximum amount you're willing to spend for 1000 viewable impressionsMaximum amount you're willing to spend for 1 click
Actual amount charged:No more than what’s needed to rank higher than the advertiser immediately below you. You don’t pay for any impressions that were not viewable. What does "viewable" mean?No more than what’s needed to rank higher than the advertiser immediately below you

How vCPM and CPC bids compete

Ads with different bid types can compete for the same Display Network placements.
To keep things fair, when CPC and vCPM ads compete for the same Display Network placement, the two types of ads are compared apples-to-apples on how much they're effectively willing to pay for the impression. With a vCPM ad, the max viewable CPM bid represents how much the advertiser is willing to pay for each 1,000 viewable impressions; with a CPC ad, Google estimates how many clicks the ad might receive in 1,000 impressions to get the comparison.

How to use vCPM bidding

With vCPM bidding, you set the highest amount you want to pay for each 1,000 viewable ad impressions. We call this the maximum vCPM bid, or just "max viewable CPM." The higher your max viewable CPM, the greater the chance that your ad will appear. As always, the AdWords system will charge you only what is needed to place your ad above the next-highest ad, and only charge if the ad became viewable. How does AdWords know when ads are viewable?


Text ads using vCPM bids can have a special edge: when they win a placement, they're always given the entire ad space, rather than sharing the space with other text ads. That makes them more likely to be noticed.
Your max viewable CPM bid may win different levels of impressions at different prices than previous max CPM bids. Because you don’t pay for impressions that were not viewable, you may want to increase your max viewable CPM bid to achieve the same level of spend and traffic volume. Learn more about the differences between CPM and vCPM bids
You can set your max viewable CPM bid in a couple of ways. Let's say you sell flowers, and you've set up an ad group with keywords like roses, daisies, and tulips.
  • Ad group bids: Set your max viewable CPM at the ad group level, and you'll have the same viewable CPM bid for all keywords and placements in that ad group. Let's say you choose an ad group viewable CPM of US$1.20. If your ad shows on a site that's associated with roses or tulips, or appears on a blog about flowers, the max viewable CPM is always US$1.20. This is the easiest way to manage your viewable CPM bids.
  • Placement-level bids: You can set a viewable CPM bid for each placement if you like. If you know a site gets great results for you, you can bid more for placements on that site.

Bid on viewable impressions using viewable CPM

If you'd like to pay only for ad impressions measured as viewable, you can with viewable cost-per-thousand impressions (viewable CPM). An ad is counted as "viewable" when 50 percent of your ad shows on screen for one second or longer for display ads and two seconds or longer for video ads. You can select Viewable CPM as a bid strategy when you choose CPM bidding for your "Display Network only" campaign.

Viewable CPM bidding

With viewable CPM (vCPM) bids, you only pay when your ad is able to be seen by potential customers. This means you're bidding on the actual value of your ad appearing in a viewable position on a given placement.
Keep in mind that using a higher vCPM bid than your CPM bid is usually more effective for winning these more valuable types of impressions. This can help keep your bids competitive and continue to meet your daily budget. Learn more about viewable CPM bids

Adding viewable CPM columns

Not available for all ad types

The viewable CPM bid strategy is not available for "Search Network only" campaigns, or campaigns that include ads targeting mobile apps. These can include app install ads, app engagement ads, or ads targeting mobile apps through the "Ads in mobile apps" campaign type.
If you create your campaign using the Viewable CPM bid strategy, and subsequently create ads that are not compatible, your ads will not run.

Why use it

  • Pay only for impressions measured as viewable
  • Your bids are optimized to favor ad slots that are more likely to become viewable
If you're interested in maximizing ad views, rather than clicks, this bidding strategy can help you achieve this goal better than other kinds of bid strategies.

Keep in mind

With viewable CPM, you bid on 1,000 viewable impressions and you pay for impressions that are measured as viewable.
Generally, to keep your costs and traffic at the same level as a CPM campaign, your bid for your viewable CPM might need to be higher than your bid for a standard CPM campaign; however, you should experiment with a bid that works for your campaign goals.

How to monitor your campaign

The number of viewable impressions is shown in your campaign reporting. To see how many viewable impressions your ad received in a cost-per-thousand viewable impressions campaign, follow the steps below.
  1. On the CampaignsAd groupsAds, or Display Network tab, click the Columns drop-down menu right above the statistics table.
  2. To add a pre-defined set of Viewable CPM columns, select Branding.
  3. To add specific Active View metrics, select "Modify columns" and click the Performance (Active View) metrics group. Click Add next to each column you wish to see in your reporting. 
  4. When you go back to your table, you'll see these columns:
    1. Active View viewable impr.: Shows the number of viewable impressions.
    2. Active View viewable CTR: Shows how often people clicked your ad after it became viewable.
    3. Active View avg. CPM: Shows the average cost for 1,000 viewable impressions.
    4. Active view measurable impr.: Shows the number of impressions that were able to be measured; not all impressions that are served are able to be measured.
    5. Active view measurable cost: Shows the total cost of impressions that were able to be measured.
    6. Active view measurable impr. / impr.: Shows the rate of impressions that were able to be measured over all impressions served. Sometimes referred to as the “measurability rate”.
    7. Active View viewable impr. / measurable impr.: Shows the rate of impressions that became viewable over impressions that were able to be measured. Sometimes referred to as the “viewability rate”.


Your ad group default bid is shown in the Max CPM column next to a "(viewable)" label. This can help you identify your viewable CPM bids more quickly in your statistics table.

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