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January 10, 2017

Why are (#)hashtags important?:

The term hashtag has entered the general lexicon, and is becoming an ever-increasingly popular way to promote a service or product. People search using hashtags on websites such as Twitter, Google+, YouTube and Instagram, and they can be an effective way for people to search for content which is specific to their original query. Hashtags can also be a powerful research tool and enable website developers interested in search engine optimization to see what is trending and making waves on social networking websites.

The importance of hashtags in breaking news:

Hashtags can get people taking about a particular news story or event, and were frequently used during the Arab Spring protests that began in 2010. Social networking websites like Twitter were used to report from the front-line of these demonstrations, where many international news agencies were unable to get access to, and the hashtag was used to reach a global audience. Hashtags were also used in some of the most talked-about global events during the last few years, such as the death of the singer Michael Jackson, Hurricane Sandy, and the wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William in London in 2011. Hashtags are very common after a famous entertainment event, such as an awards ceremony, or sports event, such as a football game, have taken place.

The importance of hashtags in promoting an event:

Hashtags can also be effectively used to promote an event for business purposes and allow website owners to garner a new customer base. Hashtags should be short and contain natural keywords and phrases in order to improve their visibility in search engine rankings. It’s also useful to create a short but pithy phrase which will catch on and hopefully trend, whilst promoting the services of a company at the same time. Hashtags can also be used during a particular promotion or discount and can be utilized to attract a large audience, some of which may never have heard of a particular product of company before they had seen the hashtag.

How to use an effective hashtag for your business:

In order to make the most out of the hashtag, consider a phrase that will be easy-to-read, especially as spaces are omitted in the text. Do your research and keep abreast of what terms are trending either in a particular country or territory, or worldwide, observing what is popular and what people are talking about. There are several websites which list the most popular hashtags at any given point, although this can change frequently with the fast-moving nature of social networking. Hashtags can often reflect a breaking news story or a recent event, and it can often be difficult to know which hashtags to use in order to best promote your goods and services. Humor is a popular communicative tool and should be used within the hashtag if doing so will reflect well on the profile of your brand or company. When trying out new hashtags, make a note of which ones proved to be popular, and which ones which failed to generate a positive response on social networking websites. You will be able to find out which hashtags were popular with cross-sections of your audience, such as male or female readers, or readers of a particular age group.

Track your the performance of your hashtags :

There are several websites which allow you to track the performance of your hashtags, allowing you to conduct research on what was popular and which keywords or phrases led to inbound traffic to your website and increased the number of sales for a product or service. When using a hashtag at the end of a post on a social networking website, consider incorporating an external web link into the body of text to your blog or website, enabling people to find out more information about your company or brand if they click on the link.
some tools for  tracking hastags:

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