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Social Media Marketing Goals

January 24, 2017

Social Media  Marketing   Goals  :

Determine   Social Media Goals:

        Customer service
        Lead generation

        If your objective is anything brand related such as improving brand consistency or reaching a new demographic, then your goals may revolve around:
(2)Customer service:
         When you’re aiming to use social media as a customer service platform and to communicate with clients, set goals with these elements in mind:
        Response rate
        Support tickets
(3) Lead generation :
        A lot of businesses use social media as a way to generate new leads. Setting goals involving these metrics can help you create better goals:
        Web traffic
        The metrics you use will depend on your goals. When you choose a Social Media Metric to follow, remember that it needs to be something you can track.
Here are some examples
       Page likes
       Post reach
       Page impressions
(b) Twitter:
        Twitter Engagement (replies, Retweets and likes)
        Organic impressions
        Messages sent
        Response rate & time
        Profile visits
        Tweets linking to you
(c) LinkedIn :
(d) Pinterest:
        Average Repins per Pin
        Pin reach
(e)Instagram :
        Engagement (likes and comments)
        Engagements per follower
        Engagements per media
        Clicks to website

How to Achieve Your Goals:
        You know what you want to accomplish and the specific metrics you’re going to use to track your progress. The next step is to create a plan to ensure you reach your goals. Your plan should include:
        Know  Your purpose, milestones.
        The daily, weekly and monthly tasks you need to complete.
        Who is involved for each step.
Know your purpose &  milestones  :
        Who will be involved?
        What social media tools will be used?
        How can we measure our efforts?
        What’s the purpose of your social media channels?
        Creating milestones is great for morale and also to make sure you’re progressing on schedule. Your milestones need to be realistic and specific, just like your SMART goals.

The daily, weekly and monthly tasks you need to complete:
        The daily, weekly and monthly tasks you want to complete. Setting goals is useless if you don’t have a plan in place to reach them. These tasks outline the work that needs to be done in order to reach your goal.

Plan Your Social Media Team Structure :
        Before you start building your team, it’s necessary to plan our your team structure. This will give you a better outline of who to hire, where to place positions and to see who leads the pack. According to a survey conducted by Altimeter, corporate social media teams have on average 11 members. This includes businesses with more than 1,000 employees.

Goal   Example:
        For instance, if your goal is to get 6,000 new Instagram followers within six months, that breaks down to an average of 1,000 new followers each month. You could set milestones to have 2,000 new followers by the second month and 4,000 by the fourth month. If the second month comes around and you only have 500 new followers, you can reassess your goal and make the necessary adjustments.
How to Track Your Goals:
        Google Analytics: Google Analytics makes it easy to track your traffic from social media, create campaigns and figure out your ROI.
        Individual social media platforms: 
   Certain platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest will give you further insight and metrics that will be helpful depending on your goals.

Conclusion   :
Below are some common examples of goals and objectives for enterprise social technology plans and how these can be tied together:
Goal: Increase market share
  1. ​Increase sales
  2. Increase prospects and leads
  3. Increase sales reviews
  4. Energize existing client base and improve the lifetime value of clients (CLV)
Goal: Enhance the company brand
  1. ​Build brand awareness by exposing the brand to new people
  2. Improve brand reputation management by reducing the negative brand mentions and increasing positive brand mentions
  3. Increase engagement with company brand
  4. Increase reach of thought leadership content
Goal: Improve business intelligence
  1. ​Improve knowledge of prospects and clients
  2. Improve knowledge of competitors
  3. Improve knowledge of industry, technology and management trends
Goal: Reduce costs of doing business and enhance productivity
  1. ​Improve recruiting of top talent
  2. Improve internal communications
  3. Improve company morale
  4. Improve return on marketing investment (ROMI)
Effective goals and objectives are typically created by a team with input from company stakeholders responsible for the mission and vision of the company. Objectives should be attainable but challenging. Accountability for the desired results should lie with certain individuals or groups. Keep in mind that the objective examples given above should be expanded to be more specific to your company and to include measurability and time factors, such as “Increase sales by 10% for calendar year 2011” or “Increase internal communication amongst project team members by 10% in the 2nd quarter”.

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